The Laboratory


The purpose of the Laboratory is to develop research, teaching and wider scientific activities of its members through an interdisciplinary approach. The Laboratory focuses on the disciplines of sociology, political ideas and human rights, history of education, intercultural education, educational policy and practice and comparative education. The Laboratory seeks to contribute creatively to the development of educational research at the Department of Educational Sciences and Early Childhood Education and to reinforce collaborations in Greece and abroad. Particular emphasis is given on:

  • Sociological analysis of educational institutions
  • Sociology of school knowledge
  • Education and human rights
  • Children’s rights and ethical-political education
  • Education and democracy: contemporary citizenship
  • History of education, history of sports and political science
  • Intercultural stimulation, communication, action, discourse and education
  • Learning design with the use of social media and the lifelong learning policies
  • Educational policy
  • Comparative approaches to education
  • Educational planning and control
  • Leadership in education
  • School improvement policy and practice
  • Teachers’ professionalism, professional identity and professional development
  • Education and health promotion policies

The Laboratory has the potential to:

  • promote research in the fields of scientific interests of its members
  • organize tutorials for undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • collaborate with laboratories, departments and research centres of other universities in the country and abroad
  • establish research networks
  • promote scientific work and publications of its members
  • organize scientific events
  • invite distinguished speakers/academics
  • support mobility of its members
  • initiate collaborations with schools in Greece
  • reinforce educational interventions in the local community
  • organize seminars and/or workshops for the in-service teachers training in schools based on the lab’s objectives